Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The New Search Function!

Good morning, Jammers! Today I've got some awesome news for any of y'all with a large inventory- Animal Jam has finally released the search function!!
That's right, now you can find anything you're looking for in both your den items and your clothing items!
Here's what it looks like for your den items if you haven't yet seen it:
Awesome! From now on, if you need to find, say... A Boomseed Tree, all you have to do it type it into the search bar and it'll instantly pop up! All you have to do is know (vaguely) the name of the item you're looking for, and you no longer have to scroll through TONS of items for a ridiculously long time!!
And the same goes for your clothing items!!
Say, if you want to search though items with "hat" in their names, all you gotta do type that junk in there!
Look! It's all my hats!
Well, in other news, there's also a new item for sale in Jam Mart Furniture: let's all welcome back the Rake & Leaf Pile!
Well, it's a little late, but I suppose there can never be enough nonmember items in the shops, right? Although, I still question why on earth AJ even made this item, considering we have one that looks almost identical already for sale...
I guess people just like the rake option? Eh, whatever.
I think that'll be all for today! I may post again on Thanksgiving, so I'll see you guys soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Are Headdresses Coming Back?

Good evening, Jammers! Today- well, technically a few days ago- I noticed that Animal Jam's infamous headdresses had gotten a new feature- the rare tag. Here's a screenshot I took earlier:
(Ignore the horns at the bottom left, they were just there)
Did you notice the rare label at the bottom of each headdress icon?
I have a few theories as to why this is.
  1. They've gone the way of the Rare Lion Plushies; meaning they've turned the existing ones rare and released new, non-rare ones with new colors in the Diamond Shop.
  2. They've turned rare because of an upcoming Rare Item Monday; They'll be releasing them in Jam Mart Clothing/some other shop, much like the fox hats did back in 2013. (Possibly with new colors?)
  3. They've just turned rare because of the insane amount they are worth and AJHQ has finally realized that. (Haha)
I think that perhaps #1 is the most probable theory; Animal Jam seems to have been really squeezing the Diamond Shop out of all it's got the past couple years. By that I mean, honestly, have you seen a new animal come out lately that's not in the Diamond Shop? (Arguably) all of the really cool stuff that's come out so far has been in the diamond shop- and why not?

Animal Jam is run largely on payment from Memberships; what better way to get people to pay for memberships than releasing one of the most prized items in Animal Jam history to the Diamond Shop, an almost exclusively Member's-only place? 
But I'm not one to demonize AJHQ here; they've given us this awesome game that so many of us have dedicated so much time to. And from AJHQ's perspective, this would technically be a really good move, funding-wise. With only a few modifications to the game, they could get TONS of money from people buying memberships just to get themselves a headdress. 
But would this be good or bad for us? Well, it's all a matter of perspective;
At one side, you'd be ecstatic that Animal Jam has finally released your dream item, and you can wear it and look pretty rad, and now everyone else can get one too!
But then, every one else can get one too... The value would plummet. You probably wouldn't be able to trade yours for anything good like you were previously, that is.. If you have one currently. If you already have one, this would probably be all bad news; but that's where the rare tag comes in! When you're one of the tiny percentage of AJ players with a rare headdress, your item's value is still the same! It's still just as unique as it was before, maybe even more so! The rare ones will be all in demand so that your headdresses' value will maybe even go up; imagine what you could get for it!

So what do you guys think? What would you do if headdresses came to the diamond shop in new colors? Do you think they're coming back at all??

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Is Animal Jam Updating Slower than Usual?

Hey there, Jammers! Have you guys noticed that Animal Jam hasn't been coming out with new items as quickly as usual? Now, this is just a random concern of mine, but it seems to me like Animal Jam is either preparing for something big for the next update, or they've just gotten lazy...
Perhaps it has something to do with the new Arctic foxes?
Or maybe it has something to do with the upcoming Feast of Thanks?
Maybe AJHQ is just busy preparing for the next update. Well, whatever the reason, I'm sure it'll be awesome! 
Still though, I'm rather antsy for them to release some new fall-themed items so I can get started decorating my den. Autumn is my favorite season, after all!
Until next time, I'll see you Jammers around!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Possible Future Den Items?

Hey there, Jammers! How's your Saturday coming along so far? Today I've got a couple ideas I thought you guys might want to hear; as the title suggests, here are a few things around Jamaa I've noticed that aren't den items (but sure do look like they could be!)
First off we have this little barrel of squash/pumpkins that can be found both in Sarepia Forest, multiple places in the adventure 'Twists and Turns', as well as next to Jam Mart Furniture in Jamaa Township:
This isn't (yet) a den item, but it sure does look like one!
And next we have what looks like some sunflower stalks tied next to a pumpkin at the bottom of Jamaa Township:
I'm not entirely sure on this one, as the colors are a lot more muted than the normal Animal Jam den items' style. But it still looks a heck of a lot like an item I'd want in my own den!
And last but certainly not least, we have a big ol' pile of pumpkins, which can be seen multiple times in the Twists and Turns adventure!:
I don't know about you guys, but I would definitely want this item in my den, wouldn't you?
Well, I hope I've given you guys some food for thought, and maybe a little anticipation! Until next time, goodbye my friends!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Return of Autumn!/Arctic Foxes!!

Hello Animal Jammers! Whoo, it's certainly been a while, huh? Well, we've got lots to post today, because Autumn is right on our doorstep!! If y'all didn't know yet, it's my favorite season ^u^
Anyways, today's the day Animal Jam updates, and boy is it a big one!
First of all, we have the return of my favorite seasonal adventure, Twists and Turns, on the front cover of the Jamaa Journal!
 Ahh, I can't tell you guys how long I've been waiting to play this!! ;u;
Another AWESOME thing happening around Jamaa is the introduction of a BRAND NEW animal! Let's all give a HUGE welcome to the Arctic Foxes!! 
Well, they're not here quite yet, but they will be soon! (Next Thursday perhaps?)
Well, I can't say that their arrival was a surprise, as I (and many of you as well) guessed they'd be here from this little hint in Mount Shiveer:
I have to say, I kind of miss the little seal being there...
Anyway, back to the Jamaa Journal!
Have you heard the news? Members can get 300 clothing inventory items!!!
WOO HOO! Man, I've been waiting FOREVER for this update to come out! Finally, I can store all the silly hats I have in one account !
And WHOA, SOL ARCADE HAS A NEW SHOP! I'm not too surprised, considering our last update (with the game button) left our poor Sol Arcade almost obsolete. But now it has this awesome shop to bring it's purpose back! Hooray!
So that's what was hiding under that sheet the whole time...!
NIce items! Once I get my membership renewed, I'm definitely going to be buying a few of these items!
(And just an additional thing, I adore this new loading screen! <3<3)
To end today's post, some new items in Jam Mart Furniture!! WOO HOOO!
I'll see you guys next time, and remember to keep Jamming!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Areca Palm!

Good afternoon, everyone! How's school been treating you? (Well, if you're back yet.) Personally, I'm a bit tired of it already, but hey, I get to doodle over there :3
Also, as I nearly slipped my mind today, we have a new item in Treetop Gardens!
Let's give a HUGE hello to the Areca Palm!!
What a gorgeous item, I daresay it would look wonderful in a more nature-themed den! It truly is a lovely item, and if you haven't gotten it from Serepia Forest yet, head on over there quick to catch this amazing plant for your den!
In the meantime, I'll see y'all around Jamaa, I've got lots of homework to do!

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Good morning guys! Massive apologies for the last hiatus, blogging was slow and school started last Monday o^o
But hey, I'm back! So let's go see what we can find around Jamaa today, shall we?
The first new item we have is for sale in Treetop Gardens! 
WOW!! What an amazing looking plant! If I still had my membership, I'd probably buy a few of these to put around my den! >u<
Click below the page break to read more on some very SPECIAL stuff going on!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Update: BEES!

 As you can see, it's National Honeybee day on August 15!!! So, to celebrate, AJHQ has come up with some AMAZING ideas to celebrate our furry insect friends!! Click below the page break to read more!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Zios Balloon!

Good morning, Jammers! I'm a bit drowsy still, so my apologies in advance if my grammar or spelling is off a bit :3
So today there's a new item for sale in The Summer Carnival! Let's all give a special welcome to the Zios Balloon!!
Don'tcha just love AJ's Mira and Zios theme? I especially love the lore around them, which you can read about on the 'Stories' page here in AJS!
So, that'll be all for today! I'll see y'all later!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mira Balloon!!

Bonjour, mon amis! How has your Thursday been treating you? I'm a bit tired today, I stayed awake until 3:30 in the morning, haha! I hope you are excited, because there is also a new item for sale in the Summer Carnaval! 
Hooray, a Mira Balloon! I have been waiting for this to come out since the newspaper showed the image! I am guessing that the next item to come out will be a Zios balloon, yes? Well, until it does, I certainly hope that we all enjoy this balloon, because I definitely will!! In the meantime, au revoir! I'll post again soon!