Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pearl Bracelets and Ladybugs!

Hey Jammers! Happy Saturday! Did you guys do anything earthy for Earth day?
 I went out to look for ladybugs, and after I found a few, I put them on the rose bushes near our house! Did you guys know that ladybugs are extremely beneficial to the health of many plants all around the world? They eat aphids off the leaves and stems of plants so that they don't die! Some gardeners also pay to have ladybugs sent to their gardens for aphid problems! (Plus, ladybugs are adorable ^u^)
Well, in other news, there's a new item in Jam Mart Clothing! Wanna go check it out?
Let's all welcome the brand new Pearl Bracelet!
Wow, what a stylish item! I think it would look perfect on wolves or eagles, but unfortunately, it's a member's only item. Oh well, you members have fun with it! I know I would!
So, I think that'll be all for today's post! See you guys next time!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


(Wow, it's a slow posting season. Sorry about that.)
Hey there, friends! How are you doing? I've been away from Jamaa for about a week and a half, sadly. But hey! There's some new items in Jam Mart Clothing to greet my arrival! Let's go check 'em out!
Well, these items aren't exactly new, but they are returning! Let's all give a warm welcome back to the Horn Helmet, the Three-Horn armor, and the Horned Leg Pads! These items would be PERFECT in combat with phantoms on an adventure! And you guys are lucky, the Three-Horn Armor used to be sold in Epic Wonders for almost twice as much as it is now! 
Well, I think that's all I have to post about... I guess I'll see you guys around! 
Oh, and Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hello, my Jammer friends! How's your day? I'm doing pretty good, but I ate a bunch of Doritos and now I feel kinda sick. Bleh.
But hey, guess what? With last week's update, there's a ton of awesome stuff for sale all over!
Let's start with the (kinda late) easter item in Jam Mart Clothing, the egg nest hat!
AAAAAAAA! THIS ITEM IS SO FLOOPIN' ADORABLE!!!! Ahh, I wish I was a member right now, I'd wear that on my head any day!
Click below the page break for some awesome space stuff!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool's!

Hey everyone! How is your April Fool's day going? Mine's great! Did you guys log in today to see this?

Haha! Oh hey, there's also a lot more going on around Jamaa today! Let's go see!
First of all, we have some new items for sale today ONLY in Jam Mart Furniture!
These items are blank on purpose, as a prank from Animal Jam! They are the wacky item, the silly item, and the zany item! They are so fun to put in your dens, I really suggest you try them!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Flower Crowns, Koi, and Chowder!

Hey there, Jammers! How's your weekend going? Hey, guess what?!?! IT'S SPRING BREAK!! HOORAY! Oh, and it looks as if Animal Jam is celebrating the uh.. Celebration with some new items in stores! Let's go check 'em out!
The first new/returning item we have is for sale in Jam Mart Clothing fr 500 gems! Let's welcome back our beloved flower crown!
This item left us last summer near the end of the Summer Carnival, which was sad because it was such a popular item, and it looked pretty awesome on arctic wolves! Click below the page break to read more!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Aviator Hats are Back!!

Hey there, my friends! How is your day going? Hey, I have some exciting news to share with y'all! The aviator hats are back in Jamaa! Hooray!!
You can find these beauties in Jam Mart Clothing, right on the front page (where they belong!) Ahh, I love this item so much!! >w<

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fun Stuff!

Hai there, my Animal Jammers! How is your Thursday! Mine's going great, wanna know why?
Take a look at what's new!
Lions are back!
Click below the page break to read more!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Springy Throne!

Hello, there, my Animal Jammers! How is your Wednesday going? I had a math exam today, ugh. But, in better news, there's an AWESOME new item in Serepia Forest's Treetop Gardens shop! Let's go take a look-see, shall we?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Lucky Day!!

Hi guys!!! Wow, it's been forever since I last posted anything, huh? Well, guess what? It's St. Patrick's Day!!! What are you guys doing to celebrate the luckiest holiday of the year? I've put up some seasonal changes around the blog, if you've noticed! Oh, and that reminds me! Animal Jam has some awesome new lucky stuff in stores today! 
The first thing we have is in Jam Mart Furniture! Let's all give a huge welcome to the clover rug!
Click below the page break to read more!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Clover and Paints!

Good day, my friends! There are a few new items in both Jam Mart Furniture and Jam Mart Clothing today! Wanna go check it out?
The first two things that are new (at least since I last logged in) are the Shamrock Glasses and the Clover Bracelet!
I'm so glad to see the return of the Shamrock Glasses, and I'm super happy about this awesome Clover Bracelet, which anyone can wear to be a little more festive for the St. Patty's Day season~