Thursday, January 14, 2016

AJS is Saying Goodbye :(

Hello Jammers! I'm making this post today to say, well... Goodbye. This blog has been more and more inactive recently, and I've been thinking about shutting it down for a while. I, as well as the other authors on AJS, just don't have the time in our days to continue blogging, and I really haven't had much motivation to anyways. This may not be goodbye forever, but for now it certainly looks like it. 
There is some good news, however! 
I'm not shutting the blog down entirely, I'm just going to delete all pages/posts except for:
Beta Days, The Alphas, and Stories.

So, I suppose this is Loopy44, signing out of the Animal Jam Seasonal for the last time! I hope to see you around Jamaa~