Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Leaf fan?

Good morning Jammers! Hey, it looks like there's a new item in Serapia forest's Treetop Garden shop! Let's go check it out, shall we?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Branch Antlers!

Hey hey guys! Sorry again for the late post, school :U
So anyways, there's a new item for sale in the clothing section of Epic Wonders! Can you guess what it is? Yeah, it's the branch antlers!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Rare Item Monday/Clearance items

Hey hey everyone! Sorry for the late post, I was at school :P
So anyways, as you all probably know, it's rare item Monday again!
What's today's rare you ask? Well, let's find out!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

AWESOME new stuff!!

The first one is pretty neat, and it's sold in Outback Imports! Let's wave hello to our new houseguest, the stone lamp!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hats, hats everywhere!

Good morning, Jammers! Hey look, there's some new hats I forgot to mention yesterday! Let's take a look-see, shall we?
Over at the summer carnival, there looks like a new balloon hat in the shop!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Short story time!

Hello everyone! I think from now on I'll be making every Friday a short story day! So, from me to you, here's a little story I wrote just to make your Fridays even more fun!
(This short story is based off of my original story, The Phantom King! If you haven't read it, go to the Jamaa Legends page at the top of this blog :D)
"SKRILLIANT, HELP ME!" Felicity's panicked voice rang out in the cavernous darkness. Skrilliant looked over to her in surprise. She was supposed to stay hidden! As he turned his head, he immediately knew something was wrong. Felicity was entangled in the wolf alpha Greely's harsh grip, and by the looks of it, she could barely move. He held one paw over her muzzle, effectively silencing her, and the other held her forepaws. She couldn't move. A wave of panic came over Skrilliant as he watched Greely's paw move from Felicity's muzzle to her neck, right over her jugular, the life-pumping artery. Greely gave Skrilliant an evil glare, and in one swift movement, slashed her throat, ripping out a sizable chunk of flesh in the process. Felicity tried to scream, but all that came out was a mangled gurgling noise.

Skrilliant awoke from the nightmare with a jerk of his head. He looked around in surprise, the sleep still lingering in his eyes. He rubbed his head with his paw, ruffling his matted hair in the process. He looked over to the mirror above the dark oak nightstand. He was a complete mess. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
"Sir, are you awake yet?" a familiar voice whispered through the door. Skrilliant stretched and get the last traces of sleep out of his eyes. "Yes, Dewdrop, I'm awake," he yawned.
"Would you like me to bring you breakfast?" Dewdrop asked.
"No thank you, I'll come down," he replied. He untangled himself from his bedsheets and halfheartedly flattened his hair down. The stone floor was cold on his paws at first, but soon warmed as he stepped lightly down the stairs to the kitchen. His advisor Dewdrop was already seated at the table, sipping on a mug of hot tea. "Good morning sir, there's breakfast on the counter, just the way you like it," he said, motioning to the small kitchen.
"Thanks, Dewdrop," Skrilliant said. He picked up his plate of toast, grapes, and tea and sat at the table across from Dewdrop. He munched on the toast as he stared out the window with a faraway look in his eyes. Dewdrop knew he was thinking of his beloved Felicity again, as he usually did when his mind had time to wander. At these times, it was best not to disturb him, a fact Dewdrop knew well. The last time he interrupted these thoughts, Skrilliant had broke down in tears and didn't come out of his small upstairs room for two days. They ate in silence and listened to the pattering rain outside instead. Skrilliant sighed when he finished eating the grapes and looked over to Dewdrop.
"Do you think the pups would have looked like me, or Felicity?" he asked innocently. The question surprised him, and he gulped the hot tea a little too quickly, burning his throat. Sometimes it was easy to forget that Skrilliant was younger than him, and still thought like a child sometimes.
"Well sir, I cannot say, but I'm sure they would have been the most perfect pups ever to be seen," he complimented. His answer seemed to satisfy the phantom king, as he smiled sadly and turned to look at the rain again. "I'm sure they would," Skrilliant whispered to himself.

Skrilliant padded through one of the many evacuation tunnels leading to the underground ruins of Vesria, Dewdrop in tow. After the alphas attacked, not much of the city remained, though some structures were still intact. No one dared live in them though, as the cavern that the city was inside had been decimated as the alphas broke through the ceiling. Not a single phantom remained in the city, except for the rescue workers, repairmen, and scouts. They were the only souls brave enough to come back, apart from the occasional passing Jammer and the phantom king's weekly inspections. The construction workers had done a great job so far, and had at least restored eight large buildings. Skrilliant was satisfied with the work pace, but still impatient to get it done. He needed Vesria to be habitable again, so he could finally get to put his plan of attack into motion.
"What are the damage reports this week, Dewdrop?" Skrilliant asked.
"Well sir, the ceiling is still undergoing repairs, there are still a few citizens missing,..." Skrilliant stopped listening as his mind began to wander. He interrupted Dewdrop in mid-sentence.
"Have there been any alpha sightings yet?"
"No sir," Dewdrop replied. Skrilliant sighed in relief. It was only a matter of time, he knew, but at least he could rest for a while. His citizens needed as much. Suddenly another thought crossed his mind.
"Have you heard anything from our new recruit yet? He asked eagerly.
"Actually, she sent a letter yesterday, saying she would be arriving in approximately eight days with her friend Nutik. I hope that is acceptable?" Dewdrop said questioningly.
"It's perfect. We just need to find her a place of residence..." Skrilliant's voice trailed off in thought.
"Actually sir, there are the emergency living quarters near your home, maybe she can stay there?"
"No, no! She's going to be the phantom general, she needs somewhere proper! What will she think of us when she sees the city?! We'll look like a bunch of slobs!" He said, his fur ruffling with frustration.
"Well, she could live with us for a while..?" Dewdrop responded tentatively. Skrilliant snapped his head up to look at him, a menacing gleam in his eyes.
"What did I tell you about my contact with females?" Skrillliant snarled. Dewdrop shrank back, knowing he made a fatal mistake.
"I-I'm sorry sir, I just thought-"
"You thought what?! That I'd be fine, living with a female? That I wouldn't mind the flirting, and the endless frustration and disappointment?!" The anger was leaving his eyes, turning them a dull cerulean color. He sighed, turning his back to Dewdrop, the magic flowing from his shoulders and tail now losing their purple hue and turning grey-blue. "I'm sorry, Dewdrop, it's just-"
"I know sir, I shouldn't have suggested it," Dewdrop said apologetically. "I'll find her a suitable living space within the week."
"Thank you, Dewdrop." Skrilliant replied flatly, padding past him with a swoosh of his now grey magical tail.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this short little story! Next week there'll probably be moar .o.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

At school-

Hi guys, I'm going to have to make this quick! I'm using the school computers right now, and I can't get into Jamaa.. Oh well. But that's no problem, because The Animal Jam Spirit Blog has helped me tremendously-credit to them for this awesome gif!

Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm Back!

Hey guys!! Sorry for the inactivity lately, I've been SUPER busy on deviantART and with school starting again... So, this is pretty much just an update post, and I'm sure you guys know already, but there's a TON of new ice cream stuff in Jam Mart Furniture!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tiki Lawn Chair/Story time!

Hey there, Jammers! There's not much going on around Jamaa today, so I'll be telling you a story today! 
But first, there's a new item for sale in Jam Mart Furniture!
Let's welcome the tiki lawn chair!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tiki Table

Herro everyone! Today is Tuesday, and you know what that means!
DIAMONDS IN THE MAIL! Yay! Something went weird on my daily spin this morning, and I landed on 
on the 25 gems slot, but it gave me three diamonds! I'm not complaining, but that's a pretty weird glitch, isn't it? I wonder if more people have had that happen...
Also, there's a new item for sale in Jam Mart Furniture to help us complete our new tiki set!
Let's welcome the all new, NONMEMBER tiki table!